World Wide Quest Day Month

The first ever World Wide Quest Month (WoWiQuMo) will kick-off on March 9th, 2016 (in honor of Del Close’s birthday). Experienced improviser or utter newbie, all skill levels are welcome to join, whether completely new to the Quest or having embarked on several, it is easy to celebrate WoWiQuMo:

  • If you’ve never done a Quest, join a Quest Workshop in a city near you (psst, look to your right to see the most current list of locations).
  • No workshop nearby? Join one of our upcoming Webinars (coming soon).
  • Done a Quest before and just need a prompt? Send us a message and we will send a prompt your way!
  • If you are an experienced improviser, have participated in Quest before and are interested in hosting a Quest workshop, contact us.

And just in case you’re wondering, the idea for World Wide Quest Day was first hatched in 2014 at the Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Austin.

Join a Quest

Living in London? Habituating in Hong Kong? Co-habitating in Copenhagen? Spending the night in New York? There are chances to join Quest’s taking part in cities across the globe. With new cities being added each week. If you live somewhere where there are no Quests scheduled, join one of our free Webinars or contact us about brining the Quest to your city.

Participated in a previous Quest and ready to embark on another, join our Quebinar on Saturday, March 19 (HKT) for a quick refresher workshop, then get your prompts and go!

Be Social/Share Stories

Curious to hear about other people’s  Quest’s? Interested in what insights they might have experienced or adventures they embarked on? Have a story, a poem, picture or performance to share?